Historic Timekeeper


Pioneering Aircraft Clock


The wide assortment of Wakmann aircraft clocks has been the indispensable cockpit partners for airplane pilots.  No margin of error is allowed in the logging of flight time, hence aircraft timing instruments must be absolutely accurate and reliable, and able to withstand all kinds of shocks and challenges under adverse flight conditions.


Wakmann timing instruments were extensively deployed in the aviation industry, e.g. U.S. Airforce, United Airlines, American Airlines, Eastern Airlines, Lockheed, Douglas, KLM, BOAC, etc.


Apart from officially qualified by the U.S. Government Standard Aeronautics Group, Wakmann aircraft clocks also complied with various U.S. Military specifications: MIL-C-7939A,MIL-C-6499,MIL-C-26349B,MIL-C-27298,MIL-C-38207,MIL-F-45133A,SM-C-349904,SC-C-539475, etc.


Professional features of Wakmann aircraft clocks included:

* Run 8 days with one winding -- precise and reliable movement

* Big luminous numerals, integrally illuminated in red or white

* Lightweight, unbreakable black oxidized aluminum case

* DisplayGreenwichand local time simultaneously

* Easy to use

* Keep track of both flying time and fuel consumption


Professional Timer


In the 1950s, Wakmann introduced accurate timer collections that were both cost-effective and durable, e.g. 1/10 second plain timer, 1/5 second plain timer, decimal time out timer, yachting timer, track timer, etc.

In the professional timing arena, Wakmann collaborated with the Breitling Watch Company ofSwitzerland, and introduced “Breitling – Wakmann High Grade, Precise and Specialized Stopwatches and Timing Instruments”.  These include exclusive timers for: 

* Radio and TV

* Count down timers for sports and racing events to record outstanding time remaining

* 12 hour totalizers for relay and swimming races

* Film footage timers in feet per minute for 16 and35mm

* 1/100 second ultimate timer


Meanwhile, Wakmann developed timers complying with U.S. Military specifications:

1. 1/10 second electronic navigational speed timer, complying with Specification No. MIL-W-6510 (USAF) Type A-8, especially useful as component part of electronic and radar equipment.

2. 1/5 second continuous running timer constructed and timed in accordance with Federal Specification GG-S-764aand GG-W-llla.

3. Navigational stop watch and chronograph complying with Specification MIL-W-5605 AN5742/1:

* approved by Bureau of Aeronautics under corresponding qualification tests

* nickel finished case, guaranteed to operate in extreme hot and cold temperature with deviation of fractions of seconds


Accurate Chronograph


Wakmann chronograph delivered practical time-keeping functionality.  The two push buttons and various sub-dials combined to enhance elegance for the watch.  Wakmann chronograph collection was furnished with 30-minute and 12 hour chronographic registers, exclusive tailored dial, luminous numerals and hands, etc.  Different models were also equipped with different watch cases (e.g. steel, gold, nickel chrome) which offered protection against moisture, shock and magnetism.  Engraving service on caseback was also available for Wakmann’s customers.

Paired Watches


Both in-depth research and persistent innovations were required to develop special functions with new design.  Wakmann introduced a number of prominent features to its paired watches collection:

* Self-winding, electronically timed

* Unbreakable mainspring and polished escapement

* 14K gold case, magnified calendar window

* Luminous dial and hands


Watches for special purposes

Wakmann also launched different special-purpose watch models:

- Skin diver’s watch -- with stainless steel water-proof watch case, and revolving bezel for elapsed time
-Military style watch with 24 hour indexes
- 7 time-zone wrist watch – displaying global time at a glance:Greenwich,Hawaii, Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, daylight savings
- Square dress watch and super thin dress watch collections
- Six-in-one sport watch – with interchangeable multi-color cases, tops and straps to match various outfits.

Wakmann timepiece collection also included pocket watches for special customer groups, including railroad style pocket watch, hunting case pocket alarm (for watch collectors), nun’s watch, and Braille watch (with crystal spring cover) for blind.